Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last Campmeeting Pictures

Here is the caboose (a metaphor from a bygone era) of the campmeeting pictures.
Just some odds and ends.

First is a candid shot of some of the teenagers at the camp playing some sort of game in the afternoon.
They occasionally made a good bit of noise while having a good time.

I sneaked a picture of one of the new friends I met while at campmeeting.
Her name is Vinita.(she is the one in the black jacket.)
She is a soft-spoken, pleasant lady.
(Don't get any ideas, we just had a few pleasant conversations together)
She attends the Community Church of God in Dunn Loring, Virginia.

During the campmeeting several older people were recognized for their long, faithful service in the work of God.
One couple among them was brother and sister Rexroth (sp?).
I remember seeing them at campmeetings through the years but did not know much about them until brother Tony read a summary of their accomplishments.

I sneaked a picture of brother Tony and brother Rodney White chatting before one of the services.
I was able to get better acquainted with brother Rodney when I visited brother and sister Bayless in Lawton, Oklahoma earlier this year.
Brother White was preaching a revival meeting there with them.
I have several pictures from that visit that I forgot to post here.
I will post them soon.

That is all the pictures I will post of the campmeeting (took more but many of them are alternate shots of the ones I have posted.)

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