Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lest You Worry....

I am still alive.
I have been busy working out and playing around the house.
The weather has been delicious and invites me to come out and play in the yard.

My workout schedule has increased from three sessions per week to four.
Last week was my first full week of four workouts.
I can tell that this level of effort is taxing my system.
I generally feel a bit tired each day.
Part of this is normal and will diminish as my body gets used to the increased effort requirements.

The game, here, is to figure out what level of stress my system can handle on a long term basis and match my workout volume to that amount.
I plan to stay at four per week this week and next, then it will be off to campmeeting for a week.
I will use this as my "rest" week.
I plan to walk each morning while at campmeeting, but nothing more.
No running this year. :(

It is mildly depressing for me to realize that, as of June 22, the duration of daylight each day is getting less and less.
Too soon, the temperatures will begin to drop and the dark days of winter will envelope us again.
As you can see, it is easy for me to get ahead of myself.

I used to have to attend a business meeting in Phoenix, Arizona once a month as a representative of my company.
I quickly found that I loved the area and the climate, and looked forward to going there each month.
After about a year, the project that required my presence was transferred to another division of my company in another location.
I remember my last visit to Phoenix mainly because I was so depressed from knowing it was my last visit, that I could hardly enjoy my time there.
I laughed at myself at the time, thinking how silly I was.
My depression was entirely self-induced.
There was no reason to feel badly other than my anticipation of the secession of monthly visits.
Silly me.
Thus, I sit in the lovely, warm July weather dreading the cold winds and dark days of December.


Your right-thinking House of Representatives has passed a wonderful new "energy" bill that will regulate almost every phase of your life.
They are doing this to protect our fragile planet from our evil industries.

It will dictate how much you pay for gasoline for your car.
It will dictate what TYPE of gasoline you may use in your car.
It will dictate what kind of car you may drive. (remember: they already own two of the three domestic car companies)
It will dictate how much gas mileage your car must achieve. (if your current car does not get good enough gas mileage, you will have to pay an additional tax.)
It will dictate how fast you may drive.
It will dictate how long you may drive. (if your government-approved electric car can only go 50 miles at a time, and you are on a 200 mile trip to visit aunt Edna, you will have to stop at a government-approved charging station to re-charge.)
It will dictate what color car you may drive. (really! Black cars absorb more of the sun's heat which makes them harder to keep cool, which makes your air conditioner run longer, which uses more gasoline. The brilliant do-gooders in California are already considering legislation to BAN black cars.)
It will dictate how much water you may use at home. (use more than the government-authorized amount and you will pay an extra tax)
It will dictate how much electricity you may use. (use more than the government-authorized amount and you will pay an extra tax)
It will dictate WHEN you may use water or electricity in your home.
It will dictate what type of windows are in your home (they will have to be "approved" energy-efficient type.)
It will dictate what level of insulation your house has.
It will dictate the amount of energy your home appliances use.

You will not be able to sell your house unless it has been inspected for energy "efficiency" and approved by a government inspector.
If you do not "pass" the inspection, you will not be able to sell your house until you make the "required" improvements.
Regardless of the cost.

It will require additional taxes on every manufacturing, retail and utility company based on how much energy they use to make/sell their products, and how much insulation they have in their buildings.
These businesses will have to pass these increased costs on to their customers - yoo n mee.
The cost of everything will go up.

Since the Environmental Protection Agency has now proclaimed carbon dioxide a polluting "greenhouse gas", it will soon begin to produce regulations to "control" its production to counteract "global warming".

Which leads me to some questions...
Since I and everyone else on the planet exhale carbon dioxide, will we be taxed for breathing?
Since the fizz in soft drinks is produced by injecting carbon dioxide gas into them, will there be a new tax added to the price of Coke and Pepsi and other soft drinks?
Since methane gas was also identified as a cause of "global warming", and a tax on cows was proposed, to compensate for the production of methane gas from their farts in the pasture, will I be taxed also, since I sometimes fart, too?

To execute God's judgment on this nation, the Chaldeans have invaded and are taking over everything.
Enjoy your freedoms and property while you can.
You will not have them much longer.

In God we trust.

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