Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Thots

The 6 mile run last Saturday was good, if a bit cold.
There were no major physical issues except for a short bout with my left leg and I turned on to Randolph.

My time was right at 60 minutes even though I had to wait for traffic on California.

Part of me wanted to hang around and watch the beginning of the Hunstville Marathon but I had other obligations on my time because of my impending trip.
So I left the Civic Center and went home.


This blog will hibernate for approximately three weeks while I am on vacation.
I will be visiting my sister in Oregon and will be deeply occupied with goofing off, talking, listening, laughing, listening to music, walking, running, and sightseeing.

Thank you for you kind cooperation in this matter....

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Saturday Run

It was very cold saturday for the Cotton Row course run.
According to the meter on my house, it was about 25 degrees.
I was wrapped in two breathable top layers with my wind layer on the outside.
My legs were snuggly inside of my tights (do not try to visualize this as it could result in cornea damage), and my wind pants.
Two pair of sox, wool mittens, and my modified blue Turtle Fur balaclava.

It turned out that there was virtually no wind so the top wind layer was not needed.
Start time was 6:00:25.

By mile two, I had all upper zippers down to allow breathing of the internal layers.
It was not quite enough.
I still got a bit too hot and made sweat.
The mittens came off in mile three.
The journey was surprisingly pleasant and I spent some time daydreaming and going to sleep during the first three.

As I was going down Bankhead Parkway an old problem presented itself again.
My left leg began to act like it did not want to perform it's assigned tasks any more.
There was no pain associated with this problem, just a sort of numbness made my leg feel sluggish and unresponsive.)
It became an effort for me to lift it and get the foot to come down in the same manner it had been doing for the last four miles.
It took special effort to get it to behave (lifting it higher, etc.)

But after a few seconds, it healed itself and things progressed in a normal manner.
I had another brief visit of the same problem in mile five and again near the end, in mile seven (past mile six...) [the "six-mile" course is technically 6.23 miles long]
In each case the problem went away after ten or twenty seconds.

My guess is that it is a precursor to Parkinson's disease or some such.
But it could be related to my occasional lower back problems, a pinched nerve bundle or some such.
But like I said, there was no actual pain before, during, or after the incident.

I crossed the line at 7:00:35.
I prolly could have beat the one hour time but I had to wait for traffic on California street and Clinton avenue (I hate it when that happens....).

The tax training continues.
If you have a question about your state or federal income taxes call me, send me an email, or call H&R Block for help. (this has been an unpaid advertising announcement.)

In spite of my Thanksgiving orgy of eating, I seem to have maintained my BF (body fat) level, or even reduced it a bit, as during my workout this morning, the blood pipes on my upper arms were showing off again.
This is good (if a little vain...) (pun?)
The goal now is to get them to show all the way up into my shoulders, like the contest boys (and girls) do.
That may take more strict eating discipline than I am willing to submit to.
Wee shall see.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I Very Dislike Winter

Yes, I know, it is not officially Winter yet.
That won't happen until the 21st or so. (Josh's birthday BTW...)

The outdoor thermometer read a balmy 26 degrees this morning at 5:20 AM.
My body was encased in triple layers of petroleum-derived plastic fabrics, and my head had a douple layer of similar material, for my Friday morning three-mile walk.
All except my mouth, nose and eyes.
Double socks on my feetees, and my thickest mittens on my hands.
It almost worked.

I did not take into account the lovely 10 MPH wind coming out of the north.
I am not sure what the wind chill was but my guess is that it was in the mid to upper teens.
Had I worn my wind layer on the outside rather than my fleece layer, things would have been about right, methinks.
Live and learn.
So now I am better educated.
But too late for this morning's festivities.

It was cool enough this morning that there was ice on the few remaining spots of standing water from yesterday's drizzle.

This is not to say that I was completely cold this morning.
It was just a few minutes off and on when the wind velocity increased enough to overcome the heat retaining ability of my upper breathable layers.
That did not happen the whole time I was walking.
My wind pants did exactly what they were supposed to do - block the wind.
And for half of the trip the wind was coming from behind me and did not affect me the same way it did when it was blowing in my (bare) face.
The new ski mask (as they are called) has all but eliminated the frozen chin syndrome that has afflicted me all these past winters.

Tomorrow is planned another traverse of the Cotton Row course.
The temperature will be about the same.
But when I run, I generate much more heat than when I walk, so coldness of body will be less of a problem.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Briefly Dateup

The morning runs, walks, workouts are going well.
Tuesday's run was a bit nippy (it was about 30 degrees) but there was little of me that was not covered so I survived in good order.
Wednesday's walk was equally nippy (it was about 35 degrees) but I was properly equipped as well.

Dressing for walking and running requires some minor adjustments to my layers because I do not generate as much heat when I walk as I do when I run.

I tried a dressing/layering experiment for my Wednesday walk and was surprised at the result.
Instead of three lighter layers, I tried a single light inner layer and my fleece pull-over (about medium weight).
It worked just finely.
Those two layers were just enough to hold in my body heat and yet allow some air flow to keep me from overheating/sweating. (this same arrangement would not work as well if it had been windy, methinks.)

Tuesday, I started work for H&R Block.
I will be working at the office in the Sears store in Madison Square Mall, starting in January.
Most of my training until then will be at the office in Madison, near the Walmart.
And, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a friend of a friend, asking me a tax question.
So the word is already out, I guess.

And, sadly, let the Royal Chronicles record that the roasted turkey breast, cornbread dressing, sweet taders, and cranberry sauce are all gone.
So it is back to eating the SOS (same ol stuff) for the rest of my time here in the South.
WHICH.... shant be long....
In a little less than two weeks I will take my annual flight West to visit my sister and her family for the Christmas holiday. (which will include more turkey and pies, etc..... 8-P)
For that reason, this blog will hibernate for about three weeks while I frolic on the western coast and points nearby.
Postings will resume on or about January 9, 2009.
You've been warned....


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