Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mo Campmeeting Pichers 5

Moving on to more pictures from campmeeting....

This little girl in the choir is the daughter or niece of the man holding her (I am not sure which).
She has some development problems.
She is not growing normally or as fast as most children her age.
Someone told me that she is three years old but looks about the size of a two-year-old, and she cannot/does not talk.
I am sure much prayer is being done on her behalf.

Here is another little muffin I saw at campmeeting.
She had come into morning prayer meeting with her mother and was sitting quietly in the back of the room while we waited to begin the prayers.

Here is another shot of the choir.

This is brother Creyts, from Dunn Loring, Virginia, near the Washington D.C. area.
He is very gifted, musically.
He played the vibraphone a few times before or during services.
The sound of the unusual instrument gave the services a surreal atmosphere.
The singer here is named Amaria.

Brother Creyts also played the drums during a couple of services.
At the piano is Ann Webb who is gifted in her own right.
She can play piano well and sing.
I can play the piano and sing, too, but it does not sound like when she does it.

Still more pictures to come.

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