Friday, December 08, 2006

Walking In The Cold

There’s something about 17 degrees that makes an outdoor excursion more interesting.
I knew it would be cold this morning.
Very cold.
Dangerously cold.
But I wanted to exercise and I needed to learn more about how to layer my clothes for this weather doing this kind of activity (walking).

So I had two layers on my legs, and four layers on my upper body and arms – two layers of Cool-Max, my fleece pull-over and my windbreaker.
And my fleece hat and neck warmer.
And my mittens.
It was almost too much.
I might have had too much on my torso.
Just past half way I felt myself beginning to sweat so I unzipped my windbreaker.
That helped but the light breeze from the north (in my face the last half mile) made for cold spots to contrast my hot spots (well cool spots verses warm spots).

I have had my doubts about how well my shoes breathe.
Now I know more about them.
It was so cold this morning, I could feel the air circulating around my toes.
They breathe just fine.
Just a bit too fine this morning.

Overall, it was a successful venture.

But I look forward to July when what I wear will be less of an issue.
I hate winter.


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