Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have not posted much here lately.
I have not had much to say.

I am experiencing a lingering feeling of depression these last few months.
It is caused by three factors; 1, my diminishing physical strength and appearance, 2, the looming collapse of the American economy and our society as we have known it, and 3, the deteriorating spiritual landscape in general and that of my personal environment in particular.

I know.
Whine, whine, whine.

There is little I can do about number one.
I am getting old (as is everyone on the planet) and, in small but persistent ways, it is taking its toll on me.
I continue to do my best to fight this inevitable slide into a mass of Jello but it is discouraging sometimes.

Numbers two and three are related.
But Number two is bothersome because it seems that God has allowed or sent a strong delusion on many of the people of this nation.
The conversion of this nation into a socialist nanny state in taking place before our eyes and it seems that we are powerless to stop it.
And in the process it is bankrupting this nation.

The debt of the federal government is now about 12 trillion dollars.
An amount that challenges our ability to comprehend it.
If nothing is done to reverse our out of control government spending, we, as a nation, will be bankrupt.
And there seems to be little will among many people to reverse the runaway spending of our government.
In another five years we will be like Greece.
Inflation will explode.
The dollar will become worthless.
Food will become prohibitively expensive.
There will be no jobs because no companies will be able to hire anyone.

Number three is related to number two.
If God has sent a deceiving spirit on the land what does that bode for me and other Christians?

This takes me to a regression dialog to examine my priorities and beliefs.
This dialog takes the form of a series of questions.
Here they are:

1 Can I live as a Christian if the federal government outlaws prayer and religious expression in public places?
(for purposes of this discussion "live as a Christian" means the ability to read the Bible, pray to Yahweh/God, and obey the commandments of the Bible as I understand them.
Yes. This would not be much different that it is today.
2 Can I live as a Christian if the federal government places restrictions on my freedom of speech?
Yes. There are ways to circumvent such "restrictions" as has been done in Hitler's Germany, the Soviet Union and in China, today.
3 Can I live as a Christian if the federal government places monitors in our churches to limit the things the minister can say?
Yes. There are ways to circumvent such circumstances.
4 Can I live as a Christian if federal policies and society in general become more anti-Christian?
Yes. I may become more difficult to carry on day to day activities, but it has been done in other times and places. It can be done here.
5 Can I live as a Christian in prison?
Yes. If Paul did it, we can do it. I suspect this will be the ultimate fate of the Christian church in America if things continue as they are going.

Having said yes to all of these predicted circumstances does not mean that it will be easy or pleasant.
But God can keep us saved.

Even so Come Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20)


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