Friday, July 10, 2009

Excitement Mounts...

... as the time of departure for campmeeting approaches.
Just three more days and then I motor up the Newark, Ohio for the annual celebration.
It will be good to see all the "northern" saints again.
And perhaps another reunion with my old army buddies.

It is hard to believe that it has been 43 years since we first met in an army barracks in Taegu, Korea.
Remind me to tell you that story sometime.

On the local front, I am working through a new 4-day-per-week workout plan.
It is based on a book I bought online a few weeks ago that recommended one work each body area twice each week instead of the common frequency of once per week.
I am trying this method.
It is tough.
But according to my workout log numbers, I am getting stronger.
Today will be the second session for my back and chest.
Woo hoo.

But my body/system is still adjusting to the no-running-just-weight-lifting plan, methinks.
I often wake up in the morning feeling "tired".
As tiring as running seems to be, it is easier on me than a max-out iron lifting session, it seems.
At least, it is easier to recover from.

But I can see subtle differences in my bodyfat and muscle shapes.
Nothing to call the magazines about, mind you.
And I feel different.
Generally stronger, I would call it.
So, you might ask, how does one feel tired upon waking up and stronger at the same time?
Good question.
And I am not sure how to answer that.

In God we trust.

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