Monday, July 27, 2009

Mo Campmeeting Pichas 4

Ok, enough of Miranda.
Here are the last of the talent show pictures from campmeeting.

The "judges" in the talent show usually dress up in some funny outfits and this year was no exception.
What look like Jewish tourists in Miami are actually brother and sister Bartlette.

This was a quartet (duh) that sang in the talent show.
Some of you may recognize at least some of these people.
I am only familiar with their faces.

Sister Evelyn Romine dressed up as Susan Boyle and evidently memorized nearly the entire youtube video - including the song "I dreamed a dream".
She did very well.

Sherm and his daughter(?) dressed up and did a "newscast" of ancient news that was quite funny.

And a young man (whom I later saw looks NOTHING like Elvis) did a pretty good imitation of a young Elvis Presley.
I was impressed and a little surprised.
It was amusing how the crowd responded (loudly, with screams from some of the women) to his performance, they, supposedly being such quiet, "isolated" people, many of whom had/have no televisions.
He won one of the awards.

Lest you get the wrong idea, there was plenty of serious, eternity-oriented activity at campmeeting.
I did not take a lot of pictures of the ministers while they were preaching, so there is less visual information about the most important aspects of the meeting.
More to come....

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