Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Bees Bak

Actually, I arrived home on Monday about 2:15 PM.
I had safe (uneventful) travel up to Newark and back.
The services were inspiring and challenging.
I got to meet and fellowship with some new (to mee) people this year, in addition to visiting with many "old" friends.
Some of the "old" friends were the three friends from the military in 1967.
If I did my math right, that would make this our 43rd anniversary.

Campmeeting week was intended to be my rest week from my new all-weight lifting program.
I rested more than I was planning.
I only walked three times the whole week. (the plan was to walk every day...)
So I was WELL rested when I returned home, and was *ready* to get back into the exercise groove on Tuesday.
I am still sore from that session. :)

For the next few days I will be posting pictures from the meeting here.
Here are the first of them.

This is a less than complementary picture of Tony and Danny's mom, who just turned 93.

I was often amused by the little people who populated the campmeeting this year, so I took several pictures of some of them.
I just think they are cute.
In the back is bro. Bartlette pontificating about something with some friends.

This is Walt Williams singing in one of the services.
He was my bunk-mate for most of the time I was stationed in Korea in 1967.

During one of the morning services, some of the little people sang a couple of songs.

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