Friday, July 24, 2009

Mo Campmeeting Pichas 1

As promised, here are some more pictures I took during campmeeting.
As some of you know, I tend to be a landscape photographer rather than a people photographer.
This prolly has its roots in by-gone days of being shown long series of pictures of, here's Elmer and Alice (standing like sticks) at the Washington monument, here's Elmer and Alice (standing like sticks) at the Lincoln memorial, here's Elmer and Alice (standing like sticks) at the Grand Cooley dam, here's Elmer and Alice (standing like sticks) at mile marker 215 in Nebraska, etc. you get the picture of old pictures.

But this year, I took a lot of pictures (about 150) of people, most of them candid (meaning the people did not know I was taking a picture of them.

Above is a shot of the choir.
Brother Sherm Romine has been the song leader/choir director since I have been attending Newark campmeetings beginning in 1967.
He has a gift in this area.
I kiddingly told someone he could make a rock sing.

Here is a pic of Rebecca Whitehead and an unknown little person, taken just before evening service.

Here are some other people waiting for the evening service to begin.
The youngest one was the main object of my lens but I realized that I had captured three generations of folks.

Here is one of several pictures I took of Miranda Wells this year.
I was trying to sneak a shot of her, as I know she would assume some "pose" for me if she caught me taking a picture.
I failed.
She spotted me and, as expected, made a face for me.
She is a delightful young lady with a very outgoing personality.
She is a natural performer, according to the local folks who know her.

And here are the old war buddies, standing like sticks for their 43rd year anniversary.
From left to right is, brother Danny Bartlette, Tony Bartlette, Walt Williams, mee.
We met in 1967 in Teagu, Korea.

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Anonymous said...

Paw, your blog seems like distant echos of a couple of blogs I call my "theological blogs." I have left them to lay fallow for a season pending a pursuit of a long reading list. Arnold Lindner suggested your blog to me. Arnold and I have been theological partners for 37s now. I am a little behind you at 60. I am considered a Viet Nam vet although I was not quite there, only close in a neigboring country and close in technical support. I was raised in the COG fellowhship of Newark, and it's sundried campmeetings scattered across the US. I grew up under the oversight of the Wilsons, Emerson, Bill, Al (my father-in-law), Weaver, Tony and many others. You can find my daily affairs blog at Drop me an email at and perhaps we can compare notes.


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