Monday, February 02, 2009

On Politics, Runs, and Work


As I suspected, the new "historic" president is just another liberal-socialist in blackface.
(And by the way, what is "historic" about this man other than his race? If he were white, his policies would be [and are] nothing new. They are proving to be "historic" in their scope and proportions.)
(And, also, BTW, I have nothing against the man because of his race. It is just that the media, generally, constantly wet themselves because he is the first black President of the United States. Frankly, I find him unremarkable.)

He has two cabinet nominees who owe back taxes so far.
(His nominee for Attorney General feels "constrained" by the US Constitution....)
And these two millionaires contritely express their "embarrassment" and "oversight" at their transgressions to the kangaroo court-style confirmation hearings.
These proceedings are so stupid and perfunctory that they nearly make me sick.
Except that I don't pay much attention to them.
These criminals will be confirmed and put in powerful leadership positions in our government to administer regulations on the rest of us.

The amount of new spending/debt already proposed by this "historic" megalomaniac is so astounding that it is nearly incomprehensible.
He has no idea what he is doing, or the consequences of his actions.
Such wanton spending will ravage the US economy for years to come.

None of your property (or rights) is safe from the reach of this new federal government.
There will be (many already proposed) new taxes of every imaginable kind -
new taxes on gasoline,
new taxes on your home utilities,
new taxes on the horsepower or engine size of your car,
new taxes on how many miles you drive,
new taxes on your "carbon footprint",
new taxes on your home,
new taxes on your real estate property,
new taxes on businesses,
new taxes on your income (if you have one...),
new taxes on your retirement savings (or outright confiscation, as one democrat congressperson has proposed),
new taxes on the things you buy,
and even new taxes on the things you sell.

You might say, we already pay some of these taxes.
True enough.
But get ready to pay more.
Our tax burden will easily increase by 50 percent to 100 percent in the next four years.
And when the unions get their payback in the form of elimination of secret ballot voting for union representation, and union-inflated wages begin to pervade the US business landscape (those that do not collapse from the increased costs, you will see price inflation like you have never seen before.
And with the federal government printing money to "pay" for the massive spending being put into place as I type, your dollar bills will be nearly worthless in four years.
Look for and annual inflation rate of 10 to 20 percent.
(for those of you who were "educated" in government schools, that means your money will lose 10 to 20 percent of its value every year.)
I am predicting a colossal business/financial catastrophe in the next four years that will astound those who know such things.
It has already started.

I am convinced that this is the beginning of the judgment of God on this nation for its sins.
The Babylonians have arrived and they are carrying off all the treasures of our land.
When they are done enacting their "fair" policies, everyone will be poorer.


The journey Saturday morning was surprisingly good.
I again ran the Cotton Row course.
The total transit time for the 6.22 miles was 58 minutes and 25 seconds.
A surprisingly good time.
It was cold but dry.
I managed to dress exactly correctly for the conditions and even though it was about 25 degrees, I was mostly warm (my face, and to a lesser extent, my hands, were cold, as usual) and comfortable.

There were no physical problems, except for one of short duration, but very alarming.
In the middle of mile four, my right ankle began to send out sharp pains, as if bone was grinding against bone.
It felt like I had sprained my ankle even though I was running on a smooth - though downhill - surface.
The pain was so strong that Running Central issued an emergency stop order to allow further analysis and evaluation of the injury.
Runner in me, however, wanted to "work through it", as is his usual method.
He tried to modify his running form to see if the pressure of foot set-down could be modified or shifted enough to minimize the discomfort.
Several alternates were tried and after about sixty seconds the pain went away.
Running form returned to normal.
Running Central rescinded the stop order, and the race continued.

Thankfully, there was almost no traffic on Pratt Avenue at the bottom of Bankhead Parkway and I was able to run down the middle of that nice decline with only one interruption.
I especially enjoy that little quarter-mile segment of the course.

I had a strong finish, though not quite a true sprint.
I am pleased and amazed that at age sixty-three (something I often forget) I am able to do this.
I feel blessed.


I am gaining experience in the tax office.
I have done about eight returns of varying complexity and am learning the details of the company process (such as how to process a payment in the office).
According to a company report, as of last week, I was the top income producer in my office.
I was astounded.
That was a statistical fluke that will not be maintained because there are two other ladies in the office who have much more experience and have many returning clients who will boost their earnings above mine.
Still I am pleased with my overall progress in this new occupation.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the socialist prez. One thing you didn't mention though, is that he wants over 50% of the people to be getting something from the Gov't. That way, he can stay in power. Afterall, who wants to slap the guy who is feeding you when you have no other options? And he is taking those options away as fast as he can with his socialist policies.


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