Saturday, February 28, 2009


In case you were wondering, I ran the Cotton Row course last Saturday and this.
Both sessions were completed in nominal times and with no physical problems.

Today, it was 48 degrees and drizzly with a nice 10 MPH breeze out of the north-west. (similar to last week)
There were several large travel trailers parked in the parking lot of the VBC when I arrived.
I wondered what was going on.
I parked in my usual handicapped slot and trotted off to do my run.
Single layers on legs and top were sufficient to keep me comfy for the whole jaunt.
Other than a biological emergency (alleviated by a handy portable excretion module at a residential construction site on the course) there were no problems.
My time today was 62 minutes.
Not bad considering I had to stop and tend to my ill-timed "problem".
When I finished and took my usual cool-down walk I saw a sign on the side of one of the trailers that identified the visitors and the event with which they were aligned: the circus is in town.
Whoo hoo.
Another event for me to ignore.

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