Saturday, February 07, 2009


That was my time this morning for the Cotton Row course.
Big deal, you say?
Well, in the cosmic scale, you are correct.
It is not such a big deal.

But for me, it was pretty significant.
I have not broken 58 minutes on this course for several years. (in a practice run...)

It was "only" 42 degrees this morning when I went out at 6:00.
I chose a single medium layer for my top and two layers for my legs to help keep my knees happy.
They seem to like being warm these days, more than in times past.
There was a light breeze blowing but it only bothered me for the first half mile or so until I warmed up.

Start time was 6:10:05.
There were no major physical problems today, although my right foot again wanted to act like it was sprained for no discernible reason.
This outbreak lasted about a minute, like the last episode.
I tried changing my gait to try to take the pressure off the affected area (which I am not sure where exactly that is) but after a short time, it healed itself.
As usual for nearly all of my running aches and pains.
I still find that amazing.

Anyway, I was astounded and pleased to see my watch when I finished read 7:08:25.


Work in the tax office continues.
I am doing better than I expected in my volume of business and "selling" of HRB products.
I am second or third in almost every measure of such things (I still find this amazing...)
And I learn something new from almost every tax return I do.
While I did not look forward to doing this early in the year, now I am thinking that I will do this again next year (assuming all things continue as they are now).

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