Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This n That Again

The run Saturday was good.
Beside the 43 degree air, and the ten mph wind from the north, there was a lovely light drizzle/rain to make it a challenging journey.
I was dressed for each of these elements and did fine, overall.

By mile three, my pants were soaked and were sticking to my legs, making them feel heavy.
My hands were just a bit too cool inside my mittens, but not uncomfortably so.
My left hip only whimpered a couple of times and never acted up enough to make me feel that my leg wanted to collapse.

The rain stopped at mile three or so and by the time I finished, most of the water had run out of my outer coverings.
And my time was almost exactly one hour.
Not bad for a crummy day.
I am looking forward to July...

Today is Tuesday and also mid-week run day.
Only three miles are scheduled for today.
When I stepped out on the back porch to check the weather conditions, the meter read 58 degrees.
Another bare-leg day in January.
So with just a single, long-sleeved light layer on top and shorts for the lower half I did the course.
I felt a bit tired as I ran, but that may be from some emotional stress I am going through lately.
It was not enough to be a problem.

I go back to work in the tax office today, after having two days off.
I am thankful for my job.
I still feel that I have more details to learn, but I am learning.

Oregon pictures coming.
I haven't forgotten. (it just seems like it.) :)

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