Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Run

I did the Cotton Row course again, Saturday morning.
It was a cool, foggy environment, about 50 degrees.
I debated whether to go bare-legged (as I normally do not get too cold running in 50+ degree weather).
Because of the possibility of wind, I decided to do pants just in case.
The single medium layer on top was just about right.
This combination (plus ear warmer and mesh gloves) proved to be just about right.

My right ankle, left knee and hip were all acting up as I walked around the house getting ready, so I was prepared to abort the party if they did not settle down.
Fortunately, (and amazingly - again!) after a few hundred steps, all joints settled down and whimpered not the rest of the journey.
This still amazes me.

I made the trip in exactly 60 minutes.
I was a little damp from the fog and drizzle but felt fine.

More pikturs coming soon....

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