Friday, February 13, 2009

New Installation

Let the Royal Chronicles show that I have successfully installed Linux openSUSE 11.1 on this machine.
It took about 30 minutes and everything is working fine.
I decided to buy this version just to provide some financial support to the company that sponsors this product (Novell).

I have been running Linux for over two years now.


Tomorrow (Saturday) is run day.
According to the local prognosticators it seems that I will be running in a nice 42 degree rain.
I look forward to June.
I am also thinking about running in the Cotton Row race this year.
Just for grins.
Stay tuned for a final decision.

This is my high school senior picture.
Back then "senior" meant something different than it does now. :)

This will give you some idea how deep the snow was after I first arrived at my sister's place.
It was about 12 inches deep in some places (like on the birdbath)

This is the only picture I took of everyone during our annual Christmas eve gift exchange ritual.
For some reason we forgot to do the automatic delayed picture of all of us - including mee.

This is Devin and Casey the dog in their usual posture.
Casey was/is very old for a dog and was just recently dispatched to dog heaven in a gentle way.
She was a good dog and will be missed.
I am sure a replacement will be acquired soon to fill the fuzzy void.

This is our beach house that we rent for a few days each Christmas/New Years.
I took this as the sun was rising above the eastern mountains.

More pics to come....

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