Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wedding Fotos on Photobucket

Here they tiz....

Hope the link works....

Okay, I checked this out and you can get to Photobucket with a copy, paste of the link into the URL address field.
That is not the slick link thingy I was wanting/expecting, but it will have to do for now.
But I am new at this.
If you want to look at the slide show, you can select that at Photobucket (it worked for me...).

There are several of these pictures that are too blurry (caused by dim light, shooting with telephoto lens, moving the camera, etc.) to suit my taste and so were not posted by me here, but are included at Photbucket.


Nicky said...

I think you did quite well on the pictures you took. Good job!

Paw said...

Thank you, Nicky.

BTW, my batteries died just after I arrived at the reception.
That is why I have no pictures of that portion of the festivities.
I BADLY wanted a picture of the luminary-lit path to the food pavilion.
Maybe next time.... oh, wait...


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