Thursday, September 18, 2008

Of Governors, Workouts and Lawnmowers


It is a sad fact that the daughter (Bristol?) has committed an immoral act with the young man (Levi?).
It was/is sin, punishable by death in the O.T. times (Deuteronomy 22:20-21) and worthy of being sent to hell then and now.
But God is merciful and does not want anyone to perish in hell (2 Peter 3:9).
So, hopefully, the young lady and the young man have repented and been forgiven for their transgression.

Because we, as Christians, have been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18), it is our task to forgive the transgressors (Galatian 6:1) and help them deal with the situation that now faces them (Galatians 6:2) - a child, a soul, a little person that they/we have been charged to raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

Interestingly, it was noted in a news report, that Track, the Palin's first child (just shipped out for Iraq) was born eight months after their marriage.
Eight months, not nine months.
If this is so, it appears that premarital sexual activity runs in the family.
This is sad.
Perhaps, Track was just a few weeks premature.

The above not withstanding, I still like the lady and think she would be an excellent Vice President and capable of being a great President.


Today was workout day.
No walking or running.
So I did leg lifts, bent barbell rows, bench presses, bent dumbbell rows, and incline butterflies.
Total lifted this morning - 21,200 pounds.
Time - about an hour.


Soon after I bought my current lawnmower, I changed the oil in it, according to the instructions in the Owners Manual.
This required that ALL of the gas be consumed from the gas tank (duh) and the mower be physically turned upside down to allow the oil to drain out.
Sooo, after mowing the grass one day, I tied the safety bar to the handle and left the machine running in the back yard.
The tank was almost empty, I could see just a few teaspoons worth in the bottom of the gas tank.
If it takes only forty minutes or so the use up a whole tank, a few teaspoons worth will not take long to be consumed.
The mower ran for over two hours on "no" gas.
I was amazed.

So, this summer, I have been playing a little game - to see how little gas I can mow the yard (front and back) with.
When I first started mowing with this mower three years ago, it took almost a whole tank (it holds about a quart or so) to do both parts.
A few weeks ago I started the mowing session with about half a tank.
There was still some gas in the tank after the yard was mowed.
Then I mowed with a quarter of a tank.
STILL some gas in the tank after the session.
Yesterday, I add NO gas to the tank and STILL mowed the whole front and back yard.
There was just enough gas in the tank to cover the bottom of the tank when I started.
This is amazing.

At the beginning of this mowing season, I had about a gallon and a half in my gas can (with which I refill my mower).
Early in the summer, I pondered how long this would last me this season and how much it would cost to fill the can when I ran out, with gas running 3-4 dollars a gallon.
Amazingly, I STILL have gas in my gas can.
I have yet to refill it this year.
Stay tuned...

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