Monday, September 01, 2008

Mor Pichers and Sum Thots


... went surprisingly well.
I was tired from all the festivities on Thursday and Friday.
Plus, I did some work on the walls in my house patching the remaining holes in them.
I felt tired when I woke up but was determined to go the long course (barring any semi-catastrophic physical issues).
And I did.

My breathing, which is my gage to how strong/well I am/feel was right on the verge of level three rapidity after mile one (not a good sign).
But I was set on going the long distance (such as it is these days).
So I just settled in to loving the more rapid respiration rate.
The governing thot being "this is normal".
And I was reminded of my racing days when, in order to achieve good (as in, low) clock numbers, I learned that I had to push myself into rapid breathing after the first quarter mile of a 5K race.

So, I settled in to the pattern and made peace with it.
It is not my favorite way to go, but it is survivable.
And to my surprise, I was able to produce a bit of a sprint for the last fifty yards or so.
I was happee.


After my run Saturday morning, I found myself in a melancholy mood.
Upon reflection, I decided that it was the result of a combination of things.

One - My little Josh is now a man.
(Actually, he was before Friday but part of me was not taking that in.)
While part of my brain "knew" that, I realized that emotionally I have not embraced that fact.
So now it is time for dad to grow up and get a grip on reality.
I hate it when I have to do that.

Two - it was nice to be around the saints of Morgan City again.
After spending thirty years with a group of people it is not easy to leave that environment.
And seeing/visiting with them again was nice.
And it was troubling.
Many of them were teenagers - or less - when I last saw them.
Now, many of those same "kids" are married with babies of their own.
That makes me feel old.
And I realized I missed these folks.

And some of you may be thinking, this "problem" is self-induced.
To which I say, yes, at least to some extent.
But life takes some turns sometimes that cannot be anticipated.
And once some events take place (or decisions are made and acted upon) you cannot go back and start over.
And even if we tried, "things" will never be as if those events/decisions were never made.
So we are left with "things" in an altered state - maybe not as we wish them to be.
So there was that.

But it was a happy time.
And I pray that Josh and Tesia will live happily ever after...


Denna said...

That makes me tired thinking about all that running. I will stick to walking. We have had some great weather for either one lately.
This was a nice post. You are missed also. You know you are welcome back anytime and people would be very glad to see you.

Paw said...

Thank you, Denna.
I plan to visit when I can.


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