Monday, September 15, 2008

Dream 2 ...And A Protest


For your amusement, a reconstructed text of my second dream about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

...the debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin...

What experience do you believe you have that qualifies you to be Vice President of the United States? Senator Biden, you have sixty seconds.

Senator Biden:
For the last 21 years I have been a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and for the last two years, I have been it's chairman. I have been a member of the United States Senate for over 35 years. This experience has given me a unique perspective on a wide range of domestic and international affairs. I have heard testimony from foreign leaders as well as U.S. military leaders. I have traveled to dozens of foreign countries over the years. This has given me a wealth of knowledge and understanding of complex and far flung issues that face this nation today.

It has shown me that we need to reverse the failed policies of this administration for the past eight years and begin to work to gain the respect of other nations and our allies in the world again. We need to engage our adversaries in meaningful dialog to seek resolution of issues that divide us. We need to address the issues that are affecting the middle class today. We need to make sure that everyone has access to affordable health care, that we have good-paying jobs for everyone who seeks one, that we address the important issue of global warming before.....

Your time is up.
Governor Palin you have sixty seconds.

Governor Palin:
I was a mayor of a small town in Alaska. I made decisions almost every day that affected people that I knew and saw on a regular basis. Many of these people were my friends and neighbors. I saw how my decisions affected each of them. I never forgot that experience when I became governor.

As a mayor and a governor, I have more executive experience than both Senator Biden and Senator Obama combined. As a member of a Senate committee, while the position is important, all you do is make recommendations to the executive branch or to the senate. As a mayor or a governor you have to make decisions. And the results of those decisions can be felt quickly sometimes. As a governor, you can't just vote "present". You have to act. You have to do something. You have to make a decision. Even if you don't like any of your options. I have shown that I can make those kinds of decisions. And as Vice President I will use this experience to make decisions that are for the good of the American people.

Explain your philosophy of governing or view of the role of government in solving the difficult problems that face out nation today.
Senator Biden, you have sixty seconds.

Senator Biden:

I believe that government has a vital role to help people who are struggling in today's recessionary economy. Struggling to pay their bills, struggling to find affordable health care, struggling with high gas prices, struggling to pay their mortgages. We need to extend a helping hand to those workers who have lost their job because their employer sent the work overseas, with job retraining programs. And we need to penalize those companies that shift jobs away from this country.

We need to come up with a system of affordable health care so that working people can get the health care they need. The market hasn't worked for millions of Americans who are struggling with low-paying jobs. Our government needs to step in and provide some structure to the health care system to make it work for the 43 million Americans who can't afford the health care they need.

We need to improve our schools where there is an unacceptable dropout rate. We need to revise our curriculums to make them more relevant to today's children so they will see the value of staying in school. Only government can do that kind of thing.

And we are faced with a catastrophic climate crisis that is too big of any single company or nation to solve. Only our government, in cooperation that other industrialized nations around the world, can put in place the guidelines and regulations needed to limit greenhouse gases that are destroying this planet. We need ....

Your time is up, senator.
Governor Palin, sixty seconds for your response.

Governor Palin
My philosophy of government is simple.
The best government is the least government.
We need to get the stifling arm of the federal government out of our schools, our businesses, our homes, and our economy, and set the creative energy of the people of this great nation free. All the government should do is make sure that there is a level playing field where every citizen can achieve his or her full potential. And provide a little help for those who are experiencing hard times.

While I respect the fact that my counterpart has been successful in holding a senate seat longer than most people hold a career, allow me point out some concerns regarding that long stay in the senate.

Did he ever make any meaningful decisions for the benefit of the people of this nation?
Did he ever vote against a federal tax increase?
Has he ever voted in favor of reducing federal spending?
Has he ever voted to support our troops fighting in Iraq, or was he voting to cut off funding of the war there, every chance he got?
What has he done to make the federal government more efficient and more responsive to the American people?
Has he done anything to make it easier for an immigrant family to enter and work in this country legally, than it is for them to sneak in illegally?
Was there ever a problem that he thought he could solve that did not involve more government programs or raising taxes? Did he....

Your time is up, Governor.


In the last few days the following phrase has been making the rounds on the networks:
"Jesus Christ was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a Governor."

The assumed purpose of this *cute* slogan is to compare the experience of Barack Husein Obama to that of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

This phrase is offensive to me, as a Christian.

Jesus Christ was/is the Son of God, Yahweh.
Jesus Christ was/is the savior of all mankind. (including mee)
Jesus Christ was a carpenter.
Jesus Christ was a teacher of the truth of God.
Jesus Christ was/is a miracle worker.
Jesus Christ healed the sick, blind, lame, and mute. (and still does)
Jesus Christ was opposed by leaders of the government and religion.
Jesus Christ was killed by religious and political leaders of his day for opposing their distorted system of teachings.
Jesus Christ came to set people free from the universal problem of sin.
Jesus Christ died to save people from their sins.
Jesus Christ was much more than a "community organizer."

Community organization is what atheists do to try to help people because they have nothing better to offer them.

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