Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Of Runs, Eyes and Blood Pressure

...this morning was good.
Three miles starting at 5:30 AM.
The neighborhood was quiet - except for the crickets.
No birds.
Just a couple of yarded dogs doing their yardly dootee, today.
My only company on the dark street was the man with the two yipping dogs (who where yipping) for a few seconds as we passed going different directions.
Our mumbled greetings were drowned out by the two yammering canines.

The weatherperson promised that it would be cool this morning (mid to upper 50's) so I donned my long-sleeved light knit top (with collar), my knit gloves (just in case) and my ear warmer band (ditto).
I did not check the temperature on my thermometer when I left the house, as I should have.
Had I done so, I prolly could have left the gloves and the ear warmer at the house.
But I didn't, so I didn't.

Near the end of the first half-mile, the gloves came off and the zipper of the knit top went from full up to full down.
There was a nice light breeze from the north that blew the heat of my torso right out of my knit top, so I stayed mostly comfortable (though a bit warmer than I would have liked).
I just sweated a little more than I would have preferred.
(see why I hate winter?)
The ear warmer came off in the last half mile.

The mid-week run was intended to build up my cardiovascular capacity so that I can run farther/faster on Saturdays.
The intended placement of the mid-week session is exactly mid-way between the previous Saturday session and the next planned one.
According to my calculations, the perfect time (equidistant between each Saturday would be to run on Tuesday evening at 6:30.
Not gonna happen.
I prefer to not run in the evening.
I did it when I was working because running in the morning before work was too much of a time crunch and would require that I arise a 4:30 AM or so.

Anyway, my compromise is to run on Tuesday morning.
That puts the session 72 hours after the previous Saturday run and 96 hours before the next Saturday jaunt.
And there are weight workouts and three-mile walks in between also.

I felt good today.
My finish was strong and I felt like I could have gone farther (where was this Saturday morning when I needed it?).
Maybe next Saturday....


That was my blood pressure reading today in the optometrists office.
My heart rate was 64.
About the same as last year.
No growth of my cataracts.
No glaucoma.
No mac degen.
No change in vision.
Ho hum.

That will be two hundred and twenty-five dollars pleez.

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