Thursday, September 11, 2008

Date Of Up

Let the Royal Chronicles show that I ran 4.45 miles last Saturday.
It was a good run, even though I felt a bit fatigued.
It took forty-three minutes - longer than other sessions lately.
So the fatigue was not imagined.
But I finished strongly (or sprintingly).

I know you both will be enthralled to know that I have modified my workout/exercise plan.
Instead of a weight workout for legs on Tuesday, I ran three miles.

The logic for this is that instead of lifting 55,000+ pounds (total weight lifted [weight x reps x sets] in a typical leg workout) in a wider range of motion weight workout for legs, I am going to lift 1,045,440 pounds (5280 feet x 3 = 15840/2.5 [stride] = 6,336 steps x 165 pounds) in quick (2.5 per second) partial reps.

I will see how my body responds to this adjustment.

So now I am walking three miles on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings.
I run on Tuesday (three miles) and Saturday (four point four five miles) mornings.
And I do upper body weight workouts on Monday and Thursday.
As you see, there are no days "off".
For now, a three-mile walk is the "off" day activity.


I do not believe that Senator Barack Husein Obama was referring to Governor Sarah Palin in his "put lipstick on a pig" comment Tuesday.
The McCain campaign would do well to not try TOO hard to make something out of EVERY little thing that Mr. Obama says.
It could be seen by an increasingly aroused electorate as silly and a waste of time on the trivial.
That could backfire on the Maverick and his gang.
They should stick to the themes of change and the inexperience/ineptitude of the Illinois senator himself.
He is an easy target from those angles.

The Republicans have of good thing going with Governor Sarah Palin.
Go for the ride.
Let her run.
I think she has good political instincts.
I could be wrong, but she could be the next Ronald Reagan of the American conservative political movement.
She may look thin on experience (compare her experience to that of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt) but often, great people rise to greatness out of common/average beginnings.
So far I am very impressed with the lady.

More dream dialog coming....

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