Friday, September 04, 2009

Ta Da (again)

Let the Royal Chronicles show that the new church speakers have been installated and wired.
I spent about four hours yesterday climbing in and out of the church attic finding, cutting, stripping, preparing, and connecting the wires to the new speakers.
It was an educational experience.

The bad news was that I had to go up into the attic.
But I knew that was part of the mission two years ago.
The good news was that there was WAY more space to work in the attic than I expected (I could stand up in the center of the attic, where I had to do most of my work).

Since I used two different wires, that were connected to two different speakers in the "old" system configuration, after I connected them to the new speakers, I had to find which channels on which amplifier (we have two) they were connected to.
The plan was to have each of the new speakers connected to the left and right channel of the SAME amplifier (the monitor speakers are connected to the other amp).
It took a bit of trial and error to figure out which amp connected to which wire.
But I figured it out.
The good news about the amp channel chase was that I could do that in the nice, air-conditioned part of the church building. (on the floor)
No more attic work. :)

Now that the wiring is done, just a few small details remain to be completed (painting the new shelves, installation of safety wires to keep the new speakers from falling out of their new wall-holes, installing some cloth baffle covering to better control sound reflections in the shelf cavities).
These items are not urgent, but I will tend to them in the next week or two.

I am veree pleezed with the progress so far.
And I am glad to have the attic part of it overwith.

In God we trust.

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