Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of the House Project

As is so often the case, the anticipation and newness of a project wear off/diminish once the new situation is realized.
This is the case with the new Nordstrom country house.
The "new" is beginning to wear off.
They are becoming comfortable in their new surroundings.

All of the planned painting and cleaning is complete (except one room, planned to be dealt with later).
And, suddenly, it seems, my services are no longer needed (unless the phone rings...).
Which is fine.
I knew this day would come.
I do not feel badly.

I wanted to help Fej and Refinnej as much as I could as they moved into/fixed up their new house.
As I have said, I am very happy for them.
So now, I have did what I kuud.
The time is past (for now) for doing any more.

I feel good about how much I was able to do.
Had I been stronger, I could have done more, or at least, done more sooner (instead of stretching my efforts out over two weeks).

Now it is time to get back to my "normal" schedule.
The down side of the house project was my workouts.
I missed 33% of my workouts last week. (1 out of the planned 3).
THAT bothered me.
But I was trying to balance carefulness with ego/id/hubris.

So ..... this week, I was determined to get back on my program.
And, thus, Monday the planned workout was the Inner parts of the "Inner-Outer" system that I am following.
For me that means tummy, back and chest.
My "core", as has become the current popular vernacular.

And this particular workout included my new (to me) exercise that I love to hate - deadlift. (the first is squats).
I have only been doing deadlifts for about three months.

The deadlift is a very simple, caveman type of exercise.
You load a long bar with about 150 pounds.
Then you lift the bar/weights from the floor to a standing position.
Then you lower the bar/weights to the floor again (or nearly so).
Done. (well, rep one is done)

During the time you are standing - with head up, shoulders back, back straight - your arms are down.
You do not try to lift the weight any higher than waist level or so. (depending on how long your arms are.)
But this simple exercise works almost your entire body.
It works directly or indirectly your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, abs, upper back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and forearms.
That is pretty much all I own.

Today is Tuesday.
I walked this morning at 5:20 AM.
When I woke up, my hams and glutes were stiff, my upper back was sore, as were my rhomboids (middle center back muscles).
All testimony that I had a productive workout yesterday.
Woo hoo.

Tomorrow is arms and legs.


According to former president Jimmy Carter, I am a racist. (whatever, exactly, that is...)
Since, according to this former (PTL) president, anyone who disagrees with current president Barack Husein Obama is a racist.
Therefore, since I disagree with nearly all of the policies, and philosophies of Barack Husein Obama, according to Mr. Carter, I am a racist (whatever that is...).
I am of the opinion that Mr. Carter is of diminished mental acuity and should be institutionalized for his well-being, as well as that of the nation as a whole.

I am proud of my new status.
I have never been a racist (whatever that is...) before.
So I am pleased to be identified with those who disagree with the current president and his ilk.
I am doing everything I can to prevent the success of his policies.

Looking forward to 1-20-2012.

In God we trust.


JeniBeans said...

And we so GREATLY appreciate all of your time, effort and hard work that you put in over here. We never would have gotten it all done, had it not been for your help. =)

Thank you. :O) VERY VERY VERY much.

Paw said...

You are very welcome.
Call if you need something more. :)


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