Wednesday, September 09, 2009

And The Doctor Said....

I was born and raised in southern California.
I spent over 20 years there.
I learned early to love the warm, sunny weather.
Especially along the shore of the Pacific Ocean.
I spent minnee Saturdays walking, lying, playing on the hot, tan sand of the SoCal beaches.
Zuma, Malibu, Point Dume.

I was there.

And I still like to spend a little time in the sun.
I said all that to say this....

The price for time in the sun is the aging of one's skin if one is not careful.
And the possibility of skin cancer.

In recent years, my sister and some others have expressed concern about a couple of "spots" on my ears.
So, in response to their repeated expressions of concern (and my curiosity) I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist.
Yesterday was the appointed time, and he made quick work of a full body look-over.

The verdict.
No skin cancer.

There was one small "pre-cancerous" lesion on my left ear.
It was zapped with nitrogen.
Gone. (well, gone in a week or two.)

I am pleased and a little amazed at this result.


The new speakers were introduced to the congregation Sunday morning with little fanfare.
There were a couple of positive comments expressed to me privately.
(the Bishop likes them.)
Other that that, no one said much.
That is a good thing in the world of live audio.
I good sound system should be almost invisible to most people.
It is then left to those few of us with 'golden ears' to assess the clarity, range, and quality of the sound reproduction equipment.
I like them.
That is good enough.

In God we trust.

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