Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New House Busyness

Jef n Jennybeans have been trying to get settled in a new house for several months.
Maybe longer than that.
But finally (!) they closed on this house

out in the country north of Huntsville.
It is a nice house in many ways.
It is not the "ideal" house that they had designed originally, but who of us get to do what I did when I had the chance to design a new house from a blank sheet of paper?
But this is a "nice" house.
It is big enough to house all of their darling babies and their various toys and musical instruments.

I have been looking forward to them getting settled in a house that suits their needs and that they feel comfortable in.
So I am happee for them.

Soooooo, even though this week was supposed to be my first week back into my workout schedule after my scheduled week off, I am not doing the exercises I had planned.
I am helping clean and paint the new castle in the boonees with them.
While the efforts I am expending are not those planned, they are sufficient to make me very tired each day.
In addition, I have another tax class this week.
So I must save some of myself for that evening event lest I fall asleep there.

It is fun/interesting to spend some time with my grandchildren.
They each are a unique individual with a singular personality and amusing little mannerisms.
My new favorite is Rachael.
She is about 3 or 4, and a most comely and delightful little person.

I will only have this opportunity to help J n J in this way.
Once they get settled they will not need my help.
So, as BHO says, "America, this is our time; this is our moment"
Thus, I will resume the heavy exercise next week.
And savor the times I can spend with my children and grandbabies.

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