Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday Workout...

... was cancelled.
By mee.
I was still tired.
From the workout at Jef n Jen's house on Thursday.
And I was a bit sore from my Wednesday weight workout. (not unexpected from my first workout after a two-week layoff)

It was supposed to be arms and legs again today.
But the idea of doing my planned 120 lunges with 20 pounds in each hand, then going north to the country and doing umpteen more on a chair or ladder while painting or taping, did not appeal to me.
So I wimped out.
I may do the workout tomorrow (Saturday).
Or not.

Wee will see how I feel after todays chair-climbing games.
I do not know how many times I stepped up on and stepped down from the metal chair that was my elevation assisting mechanism today.
But I did a few.

I do NOT like to miss workouts.
Just like I did not (NOT!) like to miss a run, back in the day.
But I am trying to learn how my aging (:( ) body responds to stress. (exercise is a kind of stress)
I am well past trying to impress anyone (if that is/was ever possible) but I do still have an ego (more properly an Id).
Because of this, I feel compelled to keep myself in as good physical condition as possible.
To "impress" me.
This helps my self-esteem.
The problem - if this even is one - is that I physically cannot do as much as I used to.
I get tired sooner than I used to.
That is one reason I stopped running.
I could do the effort but it was literally burning up my muscle mass.
And I was running ever slightly slower.
(I freely admit that one reason I love/loved running was the endorphin rush that lasted for hours after the session. I get a lesser high from a weight workout.)

All of this is not unique to me.
It is common with all older people.
Some just sit down and take up knitting or checkers.
But I feel compelled to fight it kicking and screaming all the way to the casket.
My rocking chair (symbolically) is just a place to rest between workouts.

The new country house is coming along.
Just a couple more closets to paint.
Then the final movage can be done.(some clothes and bedroom furniture is yet to arrive)
The grand babies are in turns, delightful, cute, perplexing, bratty, sweet, funny, loud, silent.

Rachael is my favorite lately. (I think I told you this already)
Mostly because she has blossomed from a shy, quiet little muffin who silently stared at me while clutching her mommy's leg, to this little angel, with long dark hair, big brown eyes, who talks to me freely with this little doll's voice.
I could watch and listen to her all day.

I am delighted for my kids for their pleasant acquisition. (as I have said)

In God we trust.

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