Friday, August 21, 2009

Hammy Status

Yesterday morning was Arm n Leg day at the local gym (my front bedroom).
Included in the festivities was lunges; the exercise in which I pulled part of my left hamstring bundle last week.
Other than one exercise in the following day's workout, I have had few real problems or pain from the injury (the worst of them seeming to be bruised ego).

So it was with cautious optimism that I approached yesterdays workout.
I was careful to warm up my thighs and joints with 20 unweighted squats.
Then I picked up the 20-pound dumbbells and began the first rep with my left leg.
Left hammy squeaked and complained but did not actually "hurt".
Kneel down, then push back up.
Rep one.
So far, so good.
Step out with right leg, kneel down, push back up.
Rep two.
Still okay.
And so it went in set one.
When I reached rep 35 I became more cautious because it was at this point last week that lil hammy broke with no warning.
But this week, reps 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40, all were without incident (other than the usual thigh burn and rapid breathing of the participant).

Relieved, I entered set one in the official Royal Chronicles and took my planned rest.
I was able to complete all three sets, (and the entire workout) with the planned number of reps and the full planned weight.
Happy happy.

So I am hereby pronouncing my left hamstring injury officially healed, even though there are still occasional twinges of pain/tightness when I make certain moves.

I am very (as in, VERY) blessed to have this level of strength/health at this advanced age (64).
I could be dying of cancer at this very moment but the symptoms have not manifested themselves to such an extent that they intrude on my daily life in any significant way.

At the persistent request of a couple of people who care about me, I have an appointment with a dermatologist next month to investigate some small blotches on my skin.
I suspect he will find plenty to service and thus, enhance his already substantial income at my expense.
Since I am one of the 47/27/12 million (take your pick, depending on who you wish to believe) Americans who do not have health insurance, the cost of this treatment will be out of pocket.
Stay tuned for the outcome of that little doe-see-doe.


Yesterday I downloaded a song that I have been looking for since about 1969 or so.
Yea, 40 years.
It was included on an album by a new singer who had a "hit" song (it turned out to be their single most successful recording) on the album.
I never really liked the hit.
But someone loaned the album to me to listen to and this particular song (not the "hit") struck me as unique.
It was different from all the other songs on the album.
I only heard the song one time.

I made a mental note to record the song onto tape for (illegal) further enjoyment, but never got around to it before I had to return the record.

So years later, I tried to find the song.
All I remembered was the singer, the name of the album and two lines from the song.
The first line was, "You came into my life..."
As a few lines later, "You taught me how to fly...".
That was it.
No title.
But I knew I would know it if I heard it again.

Ah, the wonders of Google.
In spite of my past failures to find the song, I tried again yesterday.
And, lo and behold, I found it.
I located a mp3 version of it on one website and the lyrics on another.
Now I have them both. (I paid for the song, BTW)
The name of the song is "I Saw An Angle Die", by Bobby Gentry.
The "hit" song on the original album was "Ode to Billy Joe".
Most of you are prolly too young to remember the song or the singer (who is retired but still alive, BTW).

If you want to hear the song, you can listen to it here -

In God we trust...

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