Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Date of Up - August

Just in case either of you care....
The total pounds lifted this morning was 21,718.
41 percent of that was from dead-lifts (in spite of the fact that I loaded the wrong weight on the bar -135 instead of 155) :(
Pull-ups were next with 24 percent of the total.
Then came butterflies and bench presses.
I was able to do my incline sit-ups today (no lower back issues).
Woo hoo.

I felt tired again.
But part of that may be from the fact that I did not go to sleep until almost midnight.
I was reading a book (after reading my Bible) and did not feel sleepy enough to put it down and shut off the light.
But when 5 AM rolled around, I had no interest in parting the covers (just a sheet, actually) and doing the Lazarus thing.
So I laid in the bed and listened to the news for almost 10 minutes.
Not that I cared.
I hate listening to the news since about November of last year.
As soon as I hear the O word I am done listening.
The gray rainy weather today will help me take a compensatory nap.

Tomorrow is my "off" day.
No weight workout, just a three-mile walk around the neighborhood at dawn.

The other reason that I feel tired in the morning is that I may be over training.
After I stopped running in late May I increased my workouts from two per week to three and then to four.
My weekly workout totals in June were from 75,420 to 79,973 pounds.
In July my weekly workout totals jumped to 105,522 to 159,415 pounds.
So, depending on how you want to figure it, this amounts to an increase in work load of 39 percent, 100 percent or over 200 percent.
Any way you tally it, that is a lot of work and a lot of weight moved around.

On top of that, I am trying a new program that increases the total volume of reps for each exercise. (actually he advocates doing 7 sets of 12 reps (= 84 reps) for each body area, but I have modified it a bit.)
So, I am looking into changing something in my routine to reduce the overall workload.

Under consideration is changing to three workouts-per-week, or keep doing four workouts but reducing the number of exercises done for each body area from 2 to one.
I don't want to change too much because this new program is working.
It just needs a bit of tweaking.
Stay tuned....

In God we trust.

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