Monday, August 24, 2009

Brief Date of Up

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The Friday workout was successful and productive.
Total lifted was about 30,260 pounds.
Total for the week was 175,645.
This was 14,000 more that the previous week and 23,000 more than the same workout pattern the week before that.
So I am progressing.

I "feel" thicker even though I don't see much difference in myself.
So maybe this guy's program really does work as he says it does.
Wee shall see.


Friday evening me and a friend were invited to a music party at the rural home of some long-time friends.
I provided some of the sound equipment and they provided the sound.
The Wingate clan is genetically blessed with musical ability.
There were 5 of them there over two generations and each one of them could either sing or play an instrument or both.

The jam went down and the quality of the performances was top notch.
It dawned on me mid-way through the session that this group could plop themselves in almost any club or park in Huntsville/Madison and match or surpass any other musical group in town.
I have bragged about these folks before in this way and those comments still hold.
This is all the more impressive when you realize that they do not get to play together but every two or three months, in sessions like this.
A fun time was had by all.
And it was good to see my long friends again.

My son, Josh and his lovely wife, Tesia (pronounced "Tee-sha", not "Tez-ee-a", as I like to do) were there.
It was good to see them again (I did not know they were coming, it was a pleasant surprise for me)
He did an excellent job on the drums.

In God we trust.

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