Monday, June 15, 2009

Strange Saturday

It felt strange this past Saturday morning, going out to walk the quiet streets of my neighborhood rather than drive to the VBC and run along the empty streets of downtown huntsville.

But there I was.... walking.
The New Plan.
I had to ignore my feelings.
My suffering whatever it is that loves the running-induced endorphins begged for a run.
I did my best to ignore it.

Logically, I feel better about this new system.
Weight lifting is better for me, and after one week on the New Plan, I can feel the difference and see subtle differences in different parts of my body.
We will see just how different I look/feel in a few months as my system adapts to the new regime.
I can already tell that my system is shocked by the increased weight lifting.
It tells me that it is tired and it loves it - all at the same time.

It does not help my feelings that I must watch the Chaldean invaders dismantle the basic structures and institutions of our nation/economy one piece at a time.
Supreme Imperial Exalted Leader Comrade Obama is making his pitch for socialist healthcare taxes to the doctors today.
Since I believe that it is the will of God that this nation be destroyed by this man and his blind followers, I feel that it is pointless to worry about it.
I will notify my representatives about my views, and they will do their legislative stuff to oppose the legislation.
But in the end, just like an avalanche it will happen, and the nation will fall further into economic collapse.

I want to put a sign in my front yard which would read: ENJOY YOUR NEW TAXES, SUCKERS.
But ultimately, it is pointless.
God is working his judgment on this nation.
It is time to read Ecclesiastes again.
All in this world is vanity, pointless, emptiness and grasping after the wind.

In God we trust...

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