Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Saturday Walk

I miss running.
But I am feeling better doing the weights more often.
Running seems to be/have been an emotional thing as much as a physical activity.
My body, as I have said before, likes the weight lifting.

For the last two weeks I have increased my weight lifting sessions to three per week (did I already tell you this?).
Next week - like, starting tomorrow, we go to four sessions per week.
Woo hoo!
My back is still sore from Friday's hoedown.
This is good.

The walk Saturday morning still feels a bit strange.
My body still craves the thrashing that 6-mile session on the Cotton Row course provided.
I loved that course (for some reason).
And this morning, another walk, feels so wimpy.
But we will learn to adjust. (won't we, body?)

Four sessions per week with the pig iron should make everybody happy, once they get used to it
I am building up gradually.
When I was running, my weekly totals of weight lifted was between 50,000 and 65,000 pounds.
For the last two weeks I have lifted a total of about 75,000 pounds.
This week my total should be about 81,000 pounds.
I will keep adding weight/exercises until I find the level that my body will not recover from in a day or two.
Then back off a tad.
Methinks that will not be the level it was five years ago before I started running.
It will be less. (duh)
But I will rotate workout plans more often this time around.
Like doing four weeks of four-per-week sessions then dropping back to three-per-week for a week or two.
Then back to four-per-week for another month.
The strategy is to keep my parts guessing about what will happen next (since they cannot read my plans...).
This will force them to respond with growth.
And cause them to be ready to respond to any kind of stress (this is one definition of exercise) quickly.
Stay tuned.

Enjoy your freedoms and property while you can; you will not have them much longer.
In God we trust.

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