Friday, June 12, 2009

I Forgot...

I forgot to post my race time from The Big Race.
You can verify these stats by going to the Huntsville Track Club website.

Time: 57:07.
Amazing for me at my age (though there are many my age - and older - who are faster).
883nd out of 1,846 .
Not bad.
This is a full six minutes slower than my best time on this course, about five years ago. (forget exactly when)
But like I have stated before, racing is not why I like to run.
Racing is fun, but just running is funner.
I do not love racing.

It is ironic that on the first week of my *new* weight lifting - non-running program, my lower back decided to act up, limiting some of the exercises that I can do.
That is the bad news.

The good news is that I have alternate exercises that I can do to accommodate my ouchy back.
And exercise is one way to get my whiny back to behave more quickly.
My bad back notwithstanding, I lifted a total of 74,689 pounds this week in three workouts.
I know that sounds ridiculous on first read, but I can explain.

If you lift 10 pounds 10 times, you have lifted 100 pounds.
When you figure total load that way (there are some other methods), it can amount to some impressive numbers.

Tomorrow is Saturday.
I will be walking in the morning instead of retracing of the Cotton Row course as I have done since last October 11, when I started running it again.
I feel sad just writing this.
But it is for the best.
The sadness comes from my endorphin withdrawals that I am still feeling.
I will recover.
It has been about nine months since I started running the CR course again.
My, how time zips past.
I will miss it.

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