Monday, June 22, 2009

Mm - Mm - Mm - Toasty!

I love to engage in UV therapy a couple of times a week.
I would do it more often if is were not so provocative for skin cancer.
But I LOVE laying in the sun.
There must be a lizard gene in me somewhere.
I use a timer so I won't over-cook.
About 30 minutes on a side is enough.
Plus, I look better with a tan, methinks.

Today it was hot.
Like 97 degrees hot.
And, even though it was humid, there was a nice breeze.
Rare for summer days in these parts.
It reminded me of the western lands of the USA.
It was so hot, I cut the session short by about four minutes.(I still got just a tad of a burn)

But when it gets hot like it was today, I cannot comfortably lay my arms on my patio for a minute or two until the shadow of my arms causes the concrete to cool a bit. (the rest of me is laying on two big towels, in case you were wondering.)
I was wondering just how hot the concrete was today so, after my baking session, I enlisted my trusty thermometer and laid the remote sensor ON the cement.
It stopped counting at 129.
I think that may have been the limit of the instrument.
That is toasty, folks.
No wonder my arms did not like to lay on it.
It read the humidity as 74%.
That seemed a bit high for the "feel" of the air, but, hey, who am I to argue with my electronical instrument?


This week I start a four-day-per-week workout plan.
Today was "Leg Day" in the new workout system.
Since I am still building myself up to an as yet to be determined maximum level of stress/workload, I did just two exercises - Squats and Standing Heel Raises.
These two puppies are supposed to simulate SOME of the stress/work of running.

I was pleased with how deep I was able to go down in my Squats with 165 pounds on my shoulders.
Ideally, I would like to go all the way down to the point where my thighs are parallel to the ground/floor.
I ended up doing three sets of twenty reps - except on the last set I was feeling frisky enough to add two more reps.
Woo Hoo!
17,050 pounds.
Not bad for an old geezer.
My knees were okay, my lower back, though touchy, was okay.
I know working with this weight will help my lower back get better again.

The Heel Raises were not as positive in result.
Part of the reason is because I added more weight to reduce the reps.
And it worked.
I calculated how much weight to add to reduce my reps from 24 to 20 for each leg and it came out to 45 pounds, for a total of 85 pounds.
You just do it.
And I did.

But I could only do about 15 reps with this new weight, instead of 24, like last week.
But this was not the 20 I had calculated would be the result.
So instead of lifting about 15,000 pounds with each leg (like last week), I only lifted about 11,300.
But I fried the little puppies in the process.
Between the strong internal burning sensation (from Lactic Acid buildup) and the positive failure, they knew they had been pushed to their limit.

Sooo, I get to build up some strength in my calves (Lord knows they need it.)
We shall see how that goes.....
The total for todays session (including my ab work) 42,299 pounds.
Tomorrow is arms.

Enjoy your property, freedoms and income.
You will not have them much longer.
In God we trust.

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