Monday, March 30, 2009


We are witnessing the piecemeal dismantling of our society as we know it, just as I predicted.
Since when does the President of the United States have any say in who is the Chief Executive Officer of General Motors?
As of today, the Messiah-President Barack Husein Obama does.

In addition to saying who can run a company, he also has a say in HOW the company should be run.
Thus, the Messiah-President feels that General Motors and Chrysler have not made enough concessions to the United Autoworkers Union to satisfy his preferences.
So he has given them sixty more days to make more concessions.

I see a subtle trend here.
Here is how is goes...
1 the "card check" method of union intimidation is passed by Congress and implemented in all levels of business.
2 those businesses that manage to stay solvent will have two options -
1 do what the union says or
2 allow the federal government will step in and take the business away from the owner.

If a company tries to reduce the excessive cost of healthcare benefits, the federal government will step in and force the company to maintain the level of coverage/costs that the union wants.
By forcing it to raise its prices to cover the increased costs.
Or remove the owner/President/CEO and install a new person who will do what the union wants.

Who will pay for the increased costs of union benefits?
The customers of that business.
Multiply this pattern thousands of times and you will see the new Obamacare healthcare system.
We are about to see price inflation on a level not seen in our lifetimes.

In California, the we-know-what's-good-for-you-better-than-you-do legislature is proposing to ban black cars because their air conditioners must work harder to keep them cool in the sunlight.
All of this to SAVE THE PLANET from evil humans.
So your Obamamobile will not be black, I guess.

In other news....


The plot to kill me with lightening failed.
In spite of dire warnings from various weather persons, the evil weather did not materialize with the intensity predicted.
So as I stepped out of my car at the VBC Saturday morning for the weekly six-mile trek, I was greeted by only a light rain and a breeze.
I was dressed for the rain and wind and my considered choices of garment weight, fabric and coverage proved to be spot-on.

I started out at 6:09:12 (why/how I remember this is a mystery to me...).
Although I rested well the night before, I had helped Jef and family move on Friday and while not actually sore, I was still a bit fatigued.
In the runners parlance, my well was not as deep as I would have liked.
I felt good, but not as strong as I would have liked.
But I putted along by myself with no physical points of distress (after several complaints from right foot, left ankle, knee, hip and lower back for the first quarter mile or so - but this is more or less normal).
The weather did its off and on misty rainy thing for most of the party until deep into mile six.

As I approached downtown Huntsville, the rain stopped and the wind picked up.
With a vengeance.
Channeled by the tall buildings around me, a cold, gusty north-west wind alternately tried to stop me, blow me over, or push me faster.
At one point along Clinton Avenue, the wind was so strong that it was pushing my feet off course when I lifted them off the ground.
I managed to stay upright for the whole journey and finished at 7:09:12.
EXACTLY sixty minutes.

Again, I was the only person on the streets.
All the pretty/handsome, young exercisers slept in again, listening to the quiet dribblings of the gray dawn.
I was ready for a shower and to get on with the day.

Enjoy what freedoms and prosperity you have now.
You will not have them much longer.

In God we trust....

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