Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Saturday - Another Six Mile Run

As you local readers may know, this morning was a lovely 47 degrees at 6 AM with a bracing 10 - 15 mph wind coming out of the north.
The light, drizzly rain added to the joy.
I was blessed with the motivation and ability to go for my usual six-mile jaunt.
I pulled my light-weight wind/water pants over my running shorts to keep my knees warm(er), and my semi-water-resistant nylon top over a light-weight knit long-sleeved layer on top.
Over my ear band I wore my new, waterproof ball cap, to keep the tickely wet stuff off my face.

The party started at 6:10:02 and ended at 7:10:30.
That reads like sixty minutes and twenty-eight seconds to me.
Not bad for a slosh session.
All body parts functioned nominally until the last half mile when left leg/hip/knee felt like they wanted to sit down and play in the puddles.
Running Central, Runner, and Coach all said the same thing in unison, "Shut up and run!"
And they did (thankfully).

I was the only person on the roads this morning doing the course (or any course) this morning.
Where is the discipline and dedication of our population?
While not the most important thing in life, maintenance of the temple of the Holy Spirit is important.
So where are all the wussy Christians?
Let me guess; sleeping in, with the nice rain whispering sweet dribblings in their ears.
Come to think of it, that would have been nice.
But I wanted to get this over with.
Now it is, and I am happy (and still on my endorphin high.)

In God we trust...

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