Friday, April 17, 2009

No - I'm Not Dead

Tax season is officially and finally over.
Working in the tax preparation office was an educational experience.
Generally, I enjoyed the time.
The work hours were mostly good (I still do not like working on Saturdays).
The working conditions were mostly good (the HR Block office in the Sears store is unheated, so it was COLD in there some days).
The people in my office were easy to work with.

I was able to run and walk and work out every day that I planned to, with no intrusions from my work schedule.
That was good.

I have been running the Cotton Row course each Saturday morning since I last posted (two whole weeks ago - mercy!)

My dogwood tree is still blooming.
Some years it seems the dogwood trees bloom for a week or so then they are gone.
This year, the DWs have been blooming for about three or four weeks.

My back yard, which has been mowed once already this year, is due for another haircut.
It looks like a meadow in Yellowstone park.
I am still using the gas I bought in 2007 in my lawn mower.
I am trying to see how little I can put in it and still cut both my front and back yards.
I used to use a full tank (quantity unknown [a quart?)] to do the job.
Last time I mowed, I used about half a cup, and STILL cut the whole yards.
Even though the tank looked empty when I checked it when I finished, the mower showed no signs of wanting to stop.

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