Friday, March 20, 2009

A Decision/Plan...

I have decided that my big Spring cleaning will be delayed this year.
Normally, I do a thorough (that's, "thuro" in my fonetik speleen method) cleaning of my humble domicile twice a year - Spring and Fall.
But I still have some work to do on my walls following my insulation project.
The final sheet rock finishing has not been done (mostly kuz I am lazy).
But after I finish the sheet rock, and while I have the dust covers in place, I want to paint all my rooms.

This is not a trivial project (but WAY easier than installing the insulation foam).
The efficiency expert in me does not like the idea of moving all the furniture to clean all the nooks and crannies of the house during my semi-annual cleaning, THEN move all the furniture back, and THEN move the furniture again, lay down the dust covers and fill the house with all that nice, fine white dust of dried sheet rock compound ("mud") when I do the final sanding of the walls, THEN clean everything AGAIN, THEN move all the furniture AGAIN, lay down the dust/drip covers AGAIN and paint, THEN clean everything AGAIN, and move all the furniture back into place. (sorry to yell)
So, I won't.

The plan now is to finish the walls, paint them, then do the clean-up/Spring cleaning in one swelled foop.
I estimate that it will take about two or three hours to apply the final layer of compound to the walls.
Then a day to dry.
Then about two hours to do a final sanding (another day).
Then it will take about two hours to paint the kitchen (pale yellow) (just the southeast end wall is all that can be painted).
It will take about three or four hours to paint the living room (one coat of two shades of gold.)
That will be another day.
It will take about two hours to paint my gym room (one coat of beige and red).
That will take another day.
It will take about four hours to paint my bedroom (one coat, all walls, two shades of blue) because I will have to move my massive desk.(that will take almost an hour).

THEN I get to go do it all again to apply a second coat of everything on everything.
But the second coat will go faster because everything will be masked and set from the previous go-round.
But all of that will take about a week or so.
But I will not have a full week free until after April 15.
That is a one month delay from my usual schedule.
That bothers me.

But once it is done, it is done "forever" (or until I decide I don't like it enough to want to change it).

July first will be my fourth anniversary in my little house.
It is time for a spruce-up.

In God we trust....

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