Friday, March 27, 2009

A Plot?

It seems that there is a celestial (or at least, a meteorological) plot to thwart my exercise plans this weekend.
There was supposed to be thunderstorms this morning just in time for my 5:20 AM walk around the neighborhood.
But I was determined to resist the temptation to stay indoors, if at all possible.

It turned out that the thunder was too sleepy to get up, so I was left to stroll (briskly!) in a light drizzly rain with a bit of wind to make things more interesting.
The birdies seemed to mind the blowing wet not a bit.
They were all busy singing their pre-dawn cantatas as I walked.
As usual, they were all on pitch but out of sync with each other.

Tomorrow morning is also supposed to be thundery and rainy at my scheduled running time.
I will attempt to traverse the course if at all possible.
I do not like the thought of getting struck by lightening.
The good news is that the Cotton Row course is mostly surrounded by tall buildings and/or trees, so the likelihood of me getting zapped is lessened.

But I recall two occasions, a few years ago when I was running the course in the afternoon after work, when a nice, juicy thunderstorm came up and gave me a good, Methodist baptism, and scared the brave out of me with some nearby hits of pent-up mega-ampere static discharges.
On both occasions, the rain and thunder had stopped/passed by the time I got to my car. (how handy...)
But it was summer and the storms cooled things off from about 90 degrees to about 75.
I did not mind getting a free cool shower in that environment.
But you could have bought a bottle of my extra adrenaline cheap on those two days.

On one of those occasions, a nice lady offered me a ride in her truck.
I declined the offer but mused that I prolly looked like a drowned rat as I squished along the street.

BTW, the Saturday morning run last week was nice, if cool, with no physical or intestinal problems.
Starting out was a bit rough, with feet, ankles, left knee and lower back, all whining about the degree of stress and the hour of the day.
Yak, yak, yak.
They had all been stretched and warmed during my usual Saturday morning ablutions prior to driving to the course.
It took a full quarter of a mile to get everybody comfortable and quiet and warmed up.
But after that, we were good to go.

In God we trust...

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