Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Brief Tid Bit

I have begun to post some of my Bible studies on
This is the quickest and easiest way to allow others to read these studies.

Chris and Sonia in Newark, Ohio, brought this site to my attention.
My thanks to them. (hope to see you again next year!)

To access my studies, go to
In the search field enter "OldScribe45"
It should respond with "No results found for "OldScribe45""
Don't panic.

From the blue menu bar, under the search field, select "People"
This will bring up my file.
Select "OldScribe45" or "More info".
That should present my written files. (there are just two now)

If you select one of the files, it will open in a format like a book.
In the upper left corner, next to the "fullscreen" option box is a smaller box with some white squares in it.
Selecting this icon will give you two more options for reading these files on your screen.

I have set up these files so that you can download them if you want.

Check them out.
I welcome your comments and suggestions.

In God we trust.

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