Saturday, November 14, 2009

No I am Not Dead

Sorry to disappoint you. ;)

But I have been suffering from a bit of writers block (or bloggers block).
I have been doing plenty of writing, just not here.

So, what have I been doing?
Well, I have finished the wiring job in my house (just those two plugs).
I have been weight lifting four days each week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).
I have been doing some Bible studies.
Taking the remaining tax courses for my job with H&R Block.

I finally finished my analysis of D.S. Warner's book Bible Proofs of a Second Work of Grace.
I started it in 2006.
It has turned out to be 175 pages long.
So I guess I write books.

That study gave me an idea for another Bible study on the relationship of holiness, walking in the light, and chastening.
That one turned out to be 17 pages.

Then I got another idea for a study on the attributes of the redeemed.
I wondered what the Bible actually says about who the saved are and what they are like (or not like).
I thought that might have 30 or 40 scriptures.
So far I have listed over 1300 attributes (some of them are duplicates).
Just the list of attributes and the Bible verse that states it has reached over 27 pages.
I am amazed.
Some verses list five or six items and I list each of them separately for better indexing.
And some verses list things that the saved do not do.
I list each of those separately also.

I would like to share/publish these studies but am not sure how/where to do it.
One place to put them is here, but I am not sure that is the best way.
I'm still working on that.

I have become more active on Facebook in the last week or two.
I can see why it is popular, but I cannot spend very much time there, I have more urgent things to do (like bible studies...).

I also installed the latest version (11.2) of openSUSE linux on my computer.
It is working fine.
The install took a couple of hours because it downloaded most of the applications from a website.
That amounted to about 2.5 gigabytes of code.
Everything is working except my media player and I am working on that with the support people.
I have a minor problem with my spreadsheet application in Open Office that I am working with the support folks on, also.

Monday I start more tax training.
That will cut into my free time.
More later.

In God we trust.

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Chris ~n~ Sonia said...


Glad you're doing well & keeping busy, it sounds like.

Have you considered using online publishing, such as

Might be an interesting option to investigate.

Have a great Thanksgiving & a Merry Christmas!


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