Sunday, November 15, 2009

One More Thing...

... I forgot to mention in my latest date of up.
I bought a new mattress for the Royal Bed.

There was nothing really "wrong" with my old mattress.
It was nice and firm (too firm, maybe), but had no sagage or other problems.
But my sister had raved about her new (back then) "memory foam" mattress and it made me curious.

One thing I was sure of - I was NOT going to pay $1,200.00 for a mattress, like some "X-Pedic" Norwegian companies want me to.
Nuw uh.

But I did some shopping on line.
I came across a website for Overnight Mattress.
They were selling foam, twin-sized mattresses made in the USA, for $399.00, with a 15 year warranty.
After mulling over this temptation for several weeks I went for it.

So the Royal Bed is now made of foam. (on the same nice, sturdy wood frame)
And I have changed the Royal sheets to flannel for the coming winter.
And I have a nice, firm, 10 year old coil mattress for sale.

Oh, and how does the new foam bed sleep?
Every time I sit on it, I want to lay down and go to sleep.

In God we trust.

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