Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ah, Spring!

Saturday morning was close to perfect for my six-miler.
It was about 52 or so, warm enough to shed the long britches and commune with nature a bit more.
I kept a light long-sleeved top on, which proved to be about right.
Other than seeing a solitary lady runner at the end mile five for a couple of minutes (she was going my direction but before I could catch her she stopped and disappeared) I had the course to myself - again.

BTW - seeing a lady running by herself indicates a serious runner.
Most ladies like to run with one or two friends so they can talk while they run.
Its that bonding thing they do.
I have never liked to talk while I run because the running takes too much of my lung capacity.
(that either shows how strong the girls are or how hard I run or how weak I am.)

Anyway, the trot was a good experience, no achy breaky ankles, knees, hips, etc, no almost left leg collapse stuff, no biological emergencies.
Just a nice run in the morning cool.
And another 600 calories gone.
My time was just under an hour so I was happee.
Four more weeks until the big race.....

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