Monday, April 20, 2009

The Magic Lawnmower

Well, the saga continues.
Last week, I mowed the yard again.
I used ALL of the remaining gas in my plastic can.
That amounted to about a third of a cup or less.
It was so little gas that it did not even cover the lattice pattern in the bottom of the gas tank in my lawn mower (I don't know why the bottom of my tank has a lattice pattern. Maybe they are there for strength. But the whole bottom of my mower tank has little half-inch square depressions about an eighth of an inch deep in it.)

I thought sure I would not make it through cutting both my front and back yards this time - small as they are.
But guess what - I did.
On a fourth of a cup of gas.

I had another successful traverse of the Cotton Row course Saturday morning.
It was cooler than I would have liked (I LIKE 65-75 degrees) but I did the drill anyway.
There were two other ladies going my way and I caught them at the top of The Hill.
They expressed that they were impressed that I ran up the hill.
I confessed that the top half of the hill is not as steep as the bottom half.
I did not have time to tell them that I only ran the top half.

The jaunt took me just five seconds longer than 59 minutes.
Not bad for a 64 year-old (now) geezer.
The Cotton Row race is in five weeks.
I need to buy some new shoes for the event.
They are on my To Do list.

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