Tuesday, January 13, 2009


... was amazingly good.
I did the Cotton Row course again.

I woke up expecting to dress for 48 degrees, as prognosticated by the weather person.
It was 58.
So, off came the long pants and mid-weight long-sleeve top.

Starting out, I felt tired and a tiny bit of congestion in my sinuses.
This was prolly a lingering gift from my brother-in-law in Oregon.
(Bless his heart, he was sick the last few days of my visit though not enough to be banished to the sick bed.)
It was cloudy and looked ready to rain at any moment so I brought my rain top and new rain hat JIC.
But when I arrived at the VBC it was not raining so I left the rain stuff in the car.
It was a good guess.

I ran the course with no problems and it was only in the last quarter mile that the sky tried to spit in my eyes.
But it was just the slightest mist that actually felt good on my hot face.
So slight that is did my usual walking cool-down before getting into my car and driving home.


I am working on my pictures from the trip.
Editing a few good ones, deleting the so-so ones.
I will post some in a few days.

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