Friday, January 16, 2009

Busyness = No Postings

My first week in the tax office has been educational.
I am stressed because I do not feel comfortable in my knowledge of all the forms and procedures of the process yet.
Thus, I have little mental energy left at the end of the day to devote to blogging.

I walked this morning.
It was a balmy 10 degrees with a lovely 5-10 mph breeze out of the north.
I layered well and added an extra band over my nose to further cover my face.
I did just about right.
My hands inside my mittens were just a bit cold, but not numb.
Everything else was toasty warm or at least comfortable.

During the last part of mile two and the first part of mile three, my lips and eyes were not happy with the stinging wind on them.
My eyes got so cold that my vision began to blur a bit, but constant blinking helped warm things up enough to survive.
All in all, I had a productive and educational time.

It is supposed to be about 14 tomorrow when I run the Cotton Row course.
Wee shall see how wee do then.

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