Friday, August 22, 2008



I am in my second week of the H.R. Block tax course.
It was my plan since last year to take this course as a backup, to provide part-time/temporary employment in 2009 and beyond.
My primary plan is to return to my previous place of employment for a part-time/temporary job for the first four months or so in 2009.
We shall see what works out.

My former brother-in-law did this tax course several years ago (15?) and recommended it.
He ultimately became an HR Block office manager and taught the tax course himself for several years.
I was not interested in it for several years because I always had a better job, but now that I am retired, this would be an ideal helper.
I would only work the "tax season" from late January to mid April at the most.
This is when the weather and daylight are at their worst anyway.
The first year after taking the course they only promise about three weeks of work during their peak season in early February.
(This means that I may have to find ANOTHER job after February to supplement my income in 2009.)
The following year, it may be possible to work more/longer.
I shall give it a try to see how reality matches plan/expectations.

The subject matter is a bit boring yet interesting.
Wee shall see how it goes.


The run Wednesday morning was useful and generally pleasant.
The weather was warm and muggy and so I was able to cleanse my body of many liquids.
I, again, did a full leg weight workout on Tuesday so I was purposefully adding more effort to my weekly program.
As a result of the weight workout, I felt tired Wednesday morning as I started out.
(Plus, I had been staying up later to watch the Olympics again.)

No matter, because I was able to keep my breathing (my best indicator of preliminary strength vs running course difficulty) in the comfort zone for the whole hodown.
And when I turned the corner onto my street, I was able to dig down and pull out some sprint juice out of me, and sprint the last one hundred yards or so.


I have not finished patching all the holes in my walls yet.
Blame that on the Olympics and the other things I am doing.
My plan was to fill the remaining holes with foam from the small spray can you can buy a Lowe's and WalMart.
I bought two and used both of them up and still did not get all the cavities filled so there is a bit more to do.
That should be finished this next week, then I can finish filling the holes with sheetrock compound and get them ready ... for painting.
(The NEXT project.)

I am STILL scraping the border off my living room wall.
I have about six feet to go before I am finished.
It doesn't really have to be done until I get ready to paint, but I would reelee like to have it finished while I am enthused about doing it.
Some days (true confession time...) I look at the remaining border and say to myself, "Ah, it has been there for four years (my time with it), it can sit there another day or two."
And, amazingly, it does.


Normally, I am not a sports person.
Once every four years I yam.

You could call them the games of the tall people.
Many of the winners are tall.

Michael Phelps 6' 2" swimming
Misty May-Traynor 5' 9" beach volleyball
Kerri Walsh 6' 2" beach volleyball
Usain Bolt 6'6" runner
Phil Dalhauser 6' 9" beach volleyball
Todd Rodgers 6' 2" beach volleyball

There are many more.
I have just listed some of the names that come quickly to mind.

And the absolute best commercials, IMHO are the Visa commercials.
I rarely commend commercials, as most of them are just bothersome noise.
These made me cry.

Some examples.... (I don't know how to do that embedded stuff.)

My brief experience with running and racing has helped me understand how some of these people operate, but in no way do I compare myself the them.

They have my highest respect in the worldly realm.

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