Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This may disappoint some of you.
I did not take very many pictures this year.
One reason is because the planned reunion of all of us Army vets never happened.
Some of us were too busy or otherwise occupied when the rest of us were available.
This is not to say that we did not get to visit, we just were not all together in one place at the same time.
I actually got to visit with bro. Tony more this year than in years past.
And I got to spend a good amount of time with his mom, who turned 92 this year.
She is a delightful lady and quite spry for her years.

Well, I was going to post my pikturs but blogger is broken so I will try to do it later. [-[

The campmeeting choir.

Since leaving the Anderson movement, brother John, my pastor, knew that they would revoke his ordination, he was re-ordained by the ministers at the campmeeting.

This is Kamrey, one of the young helpers in the dining/fellowship hall.
I think she told me she was 8 years old.
She and several other little people did a wonderful job of collecting the trays and trash and keeping the tables clean during campmeeting.

This is a picture of a picture of a drawing of the proposed new building being planned for campmeeting.

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