Friday, August 15, 2008


The run Wednesday was a pleasant jaunt.
The weather was cooler than usual for this place and time of year - about 65.
And the humidity was down from its usual lofty oppression.
My hands actually got a bit cold on the trip.
Work on the house and weight workouts are keeping the pressure on my body.

During my leg workout on Tuesday, I discovered a very vocal pain in my left (again) hamstring.
But this pain was on the outer Biceps Formus bundle of my hammy rather than the usual inner bundle of that group.
The discomfort was so strong that I dropped my second set of lunges after just four reps.
It did not feel good and I had already done my three sets of barbell squats, so I did not want to push things.
My hope was to give a little less stress on the area now and hope things healed well enough for the mid-week run on Wednesday.

And it was so.
I felt the slightest twinges from my left hamstring for the first few steps of the run, then everybody was happy.

I suspect this injury came from the vent installation session on Monday where I was sawing through the extra bracing in my front soffit.
Evidently, when I stand on a ladder and work a handsaw over my head, I put stresses on my legs that I do not normally do.

Anyway, I was strong enough (again!) that I did not have to resort to accelerated breathing until the last hundred yards or so when I sprinted to the invisible finish line at my driveway.

Tuesday I was inspired to tackle another wall of the tacky wallpaper border around my living room.

It is vinyl coated paper and will not easily soak off.
So I am having to scrape it off with water and a putty knife.
I know I could put the steel brush wheel on my drill and break through the vinyl layer but that would sling junk all over the room.
I am trying to avoid that.
So I stand on my little step stool and scrape.


The extra insulation in my walls and the new attic fan and vents have changed the way my house responds to the outside weather.
As it should be.

The tanks.

Now, it seems, the new attic fan will come on around 10 AM but the air conditioner will not come on until noon or later.
This is an hour or two later than its former behavior.
It will run for a while then cut off and not come on again for another hour or two.
On days when the outside temperature is over 90, the attic fan will run until nine or ten o'clock in the evening.
I have set the thermostat on the attic fan to 95.
The house A/C is set on 80.
The A/C will cycle every hour or two until about nine or so, then it goes to sleep for the night.
My gut feel is that the A/C is running about 25 - 33 percent less.
This is good.

All of this makes me curious how things will change in Winter.
Wee shall see.

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