Wednesday, August 27, 2008



The Saturday session was a bit of a tussle.
I am not sure why.
I may have been "sick". (or it may have been too much late-night viewing of REAL athletes on the Olympics.)

Several times a year some un-named and unwelcome invasion will come to visit me, but will have insufficient resources to overpower my immune system.
The resulting malady will be of such low magnitude that I will hardly notice that anything is going on.
It will only manifest itself as slightly sub-par performance during one of my workouts for a day or two or three.

The weather was sub-hurricane cloudy and warm - about 72 - with a nice, warm breeze of about 5-10.
The journey up Hills One and Two were more difficult than I would have liked.
The trip to the summit of Hill Two was particularly taxing.
But I made it.

Mile two and three were more pleasant which allowed me to daydream some.
It was only in mile four that I began to get weary.
There was a brief request from Whimp to stop and walk, which was unanimously rejected by Runner, Coach, and Running Central.
We all trotted on until the end, with a bit of a sprint for the last hundred feet or so. (more Olympic influence, no doubt.)

Then, after a shower and a hand wash of the running clothes, it was off to the planned men's group breakfast and workday at church.


The walk around the neighborhood at 5:30 AM was done in the rain.
If you could call it that.
It was so light and sparse, I am sure that the oozing bodily fluids because of the warm temperature contributed more to the wetness of my shirt than did the rain.
It was enough to shut the neighborhood down.
Most of the dogs slept in, as did the humans.


...was monsoon day.
Fay came and sat on us for nearly all the day.
I got a thorough and proper baptism running from my tax class to my car at noon.
Of course, when I got home, it was barely sprinkling.
Too late - I was soaked literally to the skin.


I am pleezed to announce (and let the Royal Chronicles show) that the obnoxious wallpaper border that circled my living room is now all gone.
It took a lot of work (soaking, scraping, and pulling) to get it all off, but it is now gone and ready for its last trip - to the landfill.

Foam has been squirted into the last remaining holes in my walls.
This is different than the foam in the big tanks that I used previously, mainly because there is not enough volume to warrant more of the good stuff
The remaining holes are over the windows and door and it does not take much stuff to fill these cavities.
Thus, the little spray cans.
It looks like it will take about four cans.

Then I can complete patching the sheetrock.
And THEN - ta da - I can paint.

I am looking forward to the new colors (that I have been so strangely willing to delay. I mean, if I am really looking forward to the new colors, why have I put up with the muted beiges and off-whites for so long?).
Actually, when I first moved in, I did not mind the colors of the walls. (I DID mind the wallpaper borders, Grrrr... I HATE wallpaper.)
Anyway, I think that I did not know what I wanted to do with my house - color-wise - for several years.
But when I painted my bathroom, that helped me appreciate the difference color would make to the "mood" of the house.
I reelee like how my bathroom turned out.
So now I am looking forward to the color change in the rest of the house.

ION (in other news)

Josh and Teesh get married this Friday.
This will make less of a difference to me than it will to Mitchi.
He lives with her - for two more days - and she has enjoyed having him around.
I suspect that his move out will make her house much quieter.
And more lonely.
More adjustments.

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